Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disable Linked Notes

Linked notes is a way to link any documents like Word, Power point presentations , to One Note Sections or pages.  While in Linked Notes mode, a button with a chain link icon is displayed near the top left corner of the docked notes page. While in a Linked Notes session, you can hover the mouse pointer over individual notes on the page to see which notes are linked to something else. 

Hovering the mouse pointer over any of the application icons that may appear on the page will display thumbnail images of any Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notes pages, or Internet Explorer Web pages that the notes are linked to. You can click any of these thumbnail images to open their associated files.
Disable Linked Notes: 
Linked Notes mode is enabled automatically whenever you take notes in a docked OneNote window. If you prefer to turn this feature off, follow these steps: 
1) On the File menu, click Options

2) On the left side of the OneNote Options dialog box, click the Advanced category.
 3) On the right side, under Linked Notes, clear the Allow creation of new Linked Notes checkbox.

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