Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The data which we write in documents will give us a lot of information. Sometimes we may need to refer some more information from websites related to that. At that moment we may need to browse the Internet again for getting the relevant data. Microsoft Office has made this task easier with the feature called Hyperlink. 

When we have a word for which we want to know some more information, we may keep hyperlink for that particular data. 

Steps to do keep hyperlink for a word

1) Select the word that needs to be hyperlinked. 

2) Click on Insert Menu and go to ribbon links under which click on Hyperlink which will give a box like this. 

3) Enter the website address that gives data on the word we have selected and click on OK to get it linked to that word. 

4) When we click on that link we will get the page that gives information or support on Microsoft Office


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