Friday, March 4, 2011

Hide or Unhide Workbooks

Workbook is a MS Excel file in which you enter and store related data. It consists of 3 work sheets by default and can be added as per the requirement and necessity. While working on Excel we may need to view different workbook s at a time, keeping all the required workbooks may make the screen so congested and looks confusing. So we can hide or unhide the workbooks as and when required. 

Steps to hide and unhide the workbook

Here we have two workbooks in the following picture. 

1) Click on View Menu and click on hide 

2) It will hide the currently working window and the option unhide will be highlighted. 

3) Click on unhide to get the book 2 back by choosing from the dialog box. 

This way we can hide or unhide a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2010.


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