Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Insert Objects into OneNote 2010

One Note is a very useful program that comes with Microsoft Office that has actually increased the productivity of the Office Suite. Its advanced features will helps in copying, online data collection and editing, note making easier. When making a note or creating a note we may have some data related to the content in a different file, say PDF file. As we cannot edit the contents of a PDF file, we may have to insert it over here. Microsoft One note has given the feature to insert a PDF into the OneNote notebook.

Steps to Add a PDF into One Note Notebook:

1)Click on the page on One Note notebook.

2) Click on Insert Menu and Click on Attach File

2) It will give us a box to insert PDF or any other file.

3) It will insert the file into the notebook. Just double clicking on the document will open the document separately.

4) It will show a dialog box stating that it will harm your computer. Click OK to open the file. 


You are not explaining how to insert OBJECTS at all, e.g. an excell sheet (thus not as a document attachment)

What a pointless tutorial. No information how to insert editable EXCEL sheet into Onenote 2010.

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