Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Note 2010

Microsoft Office has got a different word processor apart from Word. It is named as One note. It has got many tools embedded into it. It has Word processor, Paint application under Draw tab that resembles the Microsoft Paint application that comes by default with Operating System.

It comes along with Office package but it can also be separately purchased as a Microsoft Web Application. Microsoft One Note is a basic word processor: Users can enter typed text in it via keyboard, create tables and insert pictures. However, unlike a word processor, users can simply write anywhere on a virtually-unbound document window by just clicking there. Also users do not need to explicitly issue a save order; Microsoft One Note saves everything. Information in One Note is saved in pages and are organized into Notebooks.

This is the default view when we open One note for the first time. One Note organizes your notes in Notebooks, each of which are broken into Sections and might have multiple Pages.  Your Notebooks are located on the left side, with sections on the top as tabs, and pages listed on the right side.

 We can add sections by clicking on the star that is beside unfiled notes in the above figure. We can add notebooks just by right clicking below the Personal book and Clicking on New Notebook which will ask us below options.

 Here we have options to save or share this on web or network or on computer with a file name under option 2. This is an application that has no bounds, we can write anywhere we wish to, and need not worry about saving it as the data will be saved under unfiled section. we can add pages and fill it with pictures, videos links etc.

One Note is started by Microsoft in 2003 which is bundled with Microsoft Office 2003 package. Later in there were service packs for 2003 (sp1, sp2 and sp3) for 2007 (sp1 and sp2) and One Note 2010.


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