Thursday, March 10, 2011

Use Mouse As Laser Pointer

While presenting presentations we may stand at a distance from the screen and also we need some thing to show the people that is being displayed. So we need a pointer or a laser pen to show the data or text in it. Microsoft Power point has made it easy for us to use use mouse as a pointer. This has reduced a resource while presenting and has added it as a feature to Microsoft Office. It has improved in its features from 2010 version.

To Use mouse as a laser pointer in Power point

1) To begin with it we need to start the presentation using the key F5 or Goto Slide Show Menu and Click on From Beginning or From Current Slide 

2) Left Click Mouse Button and Press " Ctrl " Button to see the mouse cursor as Laser pointer. 

3) The color of the pointer can be changed by clicking on Set up Slide Show under slide show menu 

4) We will get a dialog box 

This is a beautiful that comes in handy when we need to present a presentation staying at the computer and want to show the points to the audience with out using other hardware


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