Saturday, March 12, 2011

Change Default Font in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft excel we have an option to change the default font, when ever we restart the program it will take the new applied font. We can even change it from the Font ribbon on Home Tab but it will be applied to current workbook and for a new workbook it will be the default font. 

Steps to change the default Font :

Here we have Baskerville Old Face font in the Book1 picture below. 

1) To change it Click on File Back Stage Menu and click on options.

2) Under General tab we will have When creating new workbooks Section 

3) Choose a different font to get it applied to the excel sheet under that section 

4) We will choose Times News Roman and when we click on OK it will give a message like below.

It will be applied to the excel and when we create a new workbook we will get Times New Roman Font.

It works the same in Microsoft Excel 2007 version where we have Office button instead of File backstage menu and word options.

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