Friday, April 8, 2011

Add a Cover Page

Cover pages are inserted by default at the beginning of a document, no matter where the cursor appears in the document. They convey a message what the document is all about. Microsoft Word 2010 offers a gallery of convenient pre-designed cover pages. Choose a cover page and replace the sample text with your own to make it look the way you wanted.
Steps to Insert a Cover page:

1) On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click Cover Page.

2) Click a cover page layout from the gallery of options. After you insert a cover page, you can replace the sample text with your own text.

 3) If you insert another cover page in the document, it will replace the first cover page you inserted, so please make sure that there is no cover page before you insert one.

To delete a cover page, click the Insert tab, click Cover Page in the Pages group, and then click Remove Current Cover Page.


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