Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Edit Video In Powerpoint 2010

In Microsoft Power point 2010 we have an option to insert videos into it. After inserting them we can edit those videos to our requirement and look of the presentation. Videos make an impact easily and will be remembered well. 

When the video has been inserted we will get the video tools under which we will have Format and Play back tabs.

As we do get it for a picture we have options for video
  • Video Shape: It will help us in giving the video a shape to fit in the presentation.
  • Video Border: It applies border to Video.
  • Video Effects: Applies Effects to Video.
  • Video styles: Some predefined styles to give video a style. 
We can see the preview of the video from the Preview Section on the Ribbon Under Video Tools tab.

Note:  The computer you’re using for the presentation will need to be connected to the Internet when it’s time to play the video. I t cannot be used for important videos or presentations as they some times play slow or possibility of the video being removed.


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