Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Farmville Tips

Hay Bale:

Hay Bales are decorations available on FarmVille. There are 10 colors of Square hay bale, 2 colors of Round hay bale and 3 colors of star hay bale, also available. With exclusion of the Kelly Green Hay Bale, they can all be bought from the market. We can purchase hay bales in Market under Decorations and in Landscaping Sub- Category.

These can be either purchased or we can get them in mystery boxes as mystery gifts from friends.
Time Saving Tip:

To Speed up Farming be it plowing, harvesting or in planting the seeds we can speed up the process just by using the bales. Lay out three hay bales in the very center of your farm and maneuver your Farmville farmer inside of this makeshift trap than once he is in place the fourth bale sealing him in. This Farmville technique can be used with a multiple of farm equipment that can form the same box shape. It is nice and simple and a huge time saver.

Farmer in the Hay Bale

“You can do it once you visit neighbor’s farm and return to your farm.”

Look for the place he/she stays in when you return your Farm. Use Move tool to remove the field plot he stands in, move bays around him so that he will be trapped in it.

To Harvest all the trees at a time:

We can use FarmHands gift to collect coins from all the animals. We receive it from our friends. We can send the Farm hand gifts for a limited period of time in Free Gifts Page.

 Farmhands are consumables can be bought from the market at a cost of 5 Farm Cash each in the "Animal" section. They can also be received randomly when collecting from a Horse Stable or found in a mystery gift or mystery egg.

 Once received, a farmer may use them to collect from every roaming animal on their farm that is ready to be collected from, with a single click. The Farmhands will not transform animals, such as Baby Turkey and Ugly Duckling. It won't collect from Beehives, Pig Pens, Chicken Coops, Dairy Farms or Horse Stables either. Farmhands may only be used once.

After using the farm Hands we get a message like this


This will help in harvesting all the trees in the farm at a time. Arborists, is a consumable on FarmVille that can be bought from the Market at a cost of 5 cash. It is available in the "Trees" section or can be received when collecting from a Horse Stable. When a farmer uses Arborists, all trees on the farm will be harvested, with one single click. Arborists can only be used once. It is possible to receive collectibles by using Arborists. Arborists also can be found in Mystery Egg and in Mystery Gifts. Arborists will also collect Tree Mastery.

Using this we can harvest all the trees that are ready to be harvested at a time. We will get a same message as we get it for Farmhands after harvesting all the trees. 


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