Saturday, April 30, 2011

Convert a Database from One Format to Another

If we have an existing database that we want to convert to a different format, you can choose a format under the Save Database As command. This command preserves the database in its original format and creates a copy of the database in the format you specify. You can then use the copy of the database with the version of Access that you want.
An Access 2007-2010 format that contains complex data, offline data, or attachments that were created in Access 2007-2010 format, cannot be saved in an earlier format, such as Access 2000 or Access 2002-2003.
1) If the database is not open already, open the database that has to be converted.
2) Click the File tab, and then click Save Database As.

2) In the File name box in the Save As dialog box, type a file name for the copy of the database Click Save .
3) Access creates the copy and then opens it.


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