Saturday, April 9, 2011

Advantages of A TextBox

Text box is a very important formatting tool which is very useful in putting text where ever we want on the document. It is available with all the Microsoft's formatting programs including paint. It has a very good purpose for being included in all Microsoft programs. It is there in Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

Advantages of it: 

  • Text can be inserted in any part of the document.
  • We can write on the pictures and it can be formatted to see the picture background.
  • It can be formatted with borders to highlight the text that we want to.
  • When we place a picture on a document, generally we cannot write beside it unless we change the picture wrapping option. When we use this text box we can insert text beside it as well.
  • Formatting text box helps in changing the Document look completely.

To draw a Text box we just need to click on the icon that we see above. It will insert a box at the current position of cursor with cursor blinking  in it.


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