Saturday, April 2, 2011

Delete Cells In Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel we can delete data in cells or the entire cells and can bring the data into the place of cell that has been deleted. This will avoid the work of copying or moving the entire data into another cell. 

To Delete cells and move the data: 

1) Select the cell that has to be deleted. 

2) Right click on that cell and click on delete we will get a dialog box like this. 

3) It will give four options:

Shift Cells Left: It will shift the entire cells to the left taking the place of deleted cell.
Shift Cells Up: It will shift the cells that are below the deleted cell up.
Entire Row: It will delete the entire row.
Entire Column: It will delete the entire column.

If we select shift cells up we will see the cells moving up to the deleted blog like this.

It works the same in all versions of Excel.


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