Friday, April 1, 2011

Apply Borders To Cells

In Microsoft excel we can apply or insert borders to single cell, or a group of cells or to entire worksheet. This can be done when we want to highlight an individual thing or a group of cells etc.

To Apply Border to a single Cell: 

1) Right Click on a Cell and Click on Format cell

2) We will get a dialog box where we need to click on Borders

3) There are different options in bordering. we can choose the sides on which border should be there. 

  •  This selection will give border to the top of a cell
  •  This selection will insert a line in between two cells
  •  This will draw border at the bottom of a cell
  •  This will draw border diagonally from top right to bottom left
  •  Draws border on the left side of a cell
  •  Draws border in between two cells vertically 
  •  Draws border to the right of a cell
  • It will draw border diagonally from top left to bottom right.

4) We can even apply color to those borders by choosing these colors.

We can apply borders to a group of cells as well. 


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