Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Change Case in Microsoft Word 2010

In Microsoft Word 2010 the way we change the letter case to lower or higher or toggle and keep first letter of the paragraph to Upper Case. This paragraph view makes the document look good.

Steps to change the Letter Case: 

1) Select the data for which we need to change the Case.

2) Under Home Tab under Font Section we need to click on an option that has a symbol that will have a Upper case A and lower case a side by side. We will have different options.

  • Sentence Case: This will Change the first letter of Every Paragraph will be in Upper Case.
  • Lower Case : All the letters will be in Lower Case
  • Upper Case: All the letters will be in Upper Case
  • Capitalize Each Word: First Letter of Each Word will be in Upper Case
  • Toggle Case : It will turn all the letters in to their Vice- Versa Case.
  • Half-Width: Half of the width will be changed the case
  • Full width: Case will change full width.
This is also possible in its previous versions in 2003 and 2007 Microsoft Word. The shortcut for changing the case of the data is "Shift+F3".


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