Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fill Selected Cells With Same Data

In Microsoft Excel 2010 we have an option to fill the same data easily by using a single option or command. Sometimes we may need to fill the same data, say for example- an employee working in a company will come to office daily in a same shift timing. So the same time can be filled in all the days of the week instead of typing the data. 

Steps to fill the data: 

1) Enter data in a cell and select the cells that have to be filled with same content. 

2) Under Home Menu and on Editing Tab We have an option Fill that again has different options

3) The options are 
  • Down:  Fills that data that is there in the cells above the selected cells gets pasted in them.
  • Right: Data in the left of selection will get pasted in the selected Range. 
  • Up: Data below the selected range will be pasted in the selection.
  • Left: Data to the right of selection will gets pasted in it. 

When we select an option to fill right, the time 12:00 will get pasted to the right in the selected cells.


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