Friday, April 29, 2011

Change Default File Format In Access

When we create a new, blank database, Access asks us to name the database file. By default, the file is given the ".accdb" extension. It is created in the Access 2007-2010 file format and is not readable by earlier versions of Access.

In some cases, we may prefer to create files in an earlier Access format. In Microsoft Access 2010, we have the option of creating files in either the Access 2000 format or the Access 2002-2003 format (both with the extension ".mdb"). Then, when we create a new database file, the resulting file is created in the earlier Access format and can be shared with others who use that version of Access. This can be helpful if you have upgraded to Access 2010 but you share files with others who have not.


1) Click the File tab>Help and click Options.
2) In the Access Options dialog box, click Popular.

3) Under Creating databases, in the Default file format box, select the file format you want as the default and   click OK.

When we create a new file it will be created in the selected format.


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