Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prevent Page Breaks In A Table

When we are documenting in Microsoft Word, we may insert page breaks. Sometimes that will insert breaks in tables as well. So we have an option to prevent page breaks in a Table. 
Steps to remove breaks in Table Rows:

1) Click the row in the table that you don't want to break. Select the entire table if you don't want the table to break across pages.

2) On the Table Tools tab, click Layout

3) In the Table group, click Properties 

4) Click the Row tab, and the clear the Allow row to break across pages check box.


I came here to find a method to avoid page breaks in a table, but all this guide gives is a way to avoid page breaks in a table row. Not sufficient for my use.

I agree with "Anonymous" above. The title of this post is misleading. The procedure outlined does NOT "prevent page breaks in a table."

I am generating a bid response and have a 3-column table in a document section that has landscape orientation. The 3rd column in each row is the response and contains more text than will fit onto a page. EVERY table row is breaking to a new page DESPITE all the settings asking it not to, i.e. 'Allow rows to break across pages' is on, and settings such as 'Keep Lines Together' have NO effect. NOTHING WORKS!!!

Why does Microsoft do this, and cause us do much pain?? I want the next table row to start on the same page NO MATTER how much text is in a cell. Why is this so difficult?

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