Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Features of Reports in Access 2010

Creating a report in Access 2010 is a very similar process to creating a report in Access 2007. However, in Access 2010 there are a few new features that pertain to reports:

Shared Image Gallery:
                       In Access 2010, you can now attach an image to a database, and then use the image across multiple objects. Updating the single image updates it wherever it is used across the entire database.
Office Themes: 
                        In Access 2010, you can now use standard Microsoft Office Themes to apply professionally-designed sets of fonts and colors to all of your Access forms and reports at once.
More powerful conditional formatting:
                        Access 2010 includes more powerful tools for highlighting data on a report. You can add up to 50 conditional formatting rules for each control or group of controls, and in client reports, you can add data bars to compare data across records.
More flexible layouts:   
                        In Access 2010, the default design method for reports is to place controls in layouts. These grids help you align and size controls easily, and are required for any reports that you want to render in a browser. Although layouts themselves are not new in Access 2010, there are some changes to the ways in which you use them to move, align, and resize controls. For more information, see the video Introduction to form and report layouts.


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