Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magnify Selected Cells In Excel 2007

Excel has a zoom feature that can increase the size of the entire spreadsheet, but sometimes we just want to zoom in on a specific set of cells that we work on, and Excel 2007 makes this task simple. in a single click. 

Steps to magnify Specific Cells In Microsoft Excel 2007:

1) Select the cells that has to be magnified. Click on View Menu and on Zoom Section select Zoom to Selection.

2) This will zoom in the selection to 400% which is actually 100% by default
3) Select 100% on the Ribbon in Zoom Section Under View Menu.

This will bring the data to normal size and it is very useful in viewing the decimal point which cannot be seen sometimes with normal vision. This works the same in 2010 version as well.


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