Friday, April 1, 2011

Customized Tab on the Office 2010 Ribbon

Ribbon view in Microsoft Office Since 2007 makes it easy for us to pick options and use them in writing documents. But Sometimes it becomes a very confusing job when we need to use two or three different ribbons from different tabs. For this reason Microsoft Office has given us an option to customize ribbons. In Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 versions we can choose commands to be placed in a customized ribbon.

Steps to Customize a Ribbon:

1) Right click on a Ribbon and click on Customize the ribbon

2) We will get a dialog box as below. 

3) The tabs on the right side can be expanded to see the commands in it and we need to click on New Tab to add a new Tab, which will ask us to give it a name.

4) Now just drag the commands you want to have them on your customized tab. 

 5) If needed it all commands can be added to it. 

This is all we need to do to to create a customized Tab on a Ribbon.


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