Saturday, April 2, 2011

Share MS Access Data With MS Excel

Sometimes we may need data from other applications which will be in different format and we may have to copy, edit and remake the data. In those instances sharing the entire file might help in reducing the time of copying and editing it. We can share Access data with other applications easily in Office 2010. We will see how can we share it with Excel 2010.

First we’ll take a look at sharing an Access table to an Excel spreadsheet. Open the Access table you want to export and click on the External Data tab. From here you can see a bunch of different options you have for exporting the data. In this example we’re using exporting to Excel so click on that.

It will now ask us to select the excel file from the disk.

It will ask to save the Export Steps to make it easier for next time or if you’re working with several documents and need to do the same thing. From here you can also set up an Outlook task if it is needed and repeated regularly.  

The data goes into Excel and you can start working on it here, or send it where it needs to go.


So why can an Access 2010 report only be exported to Excel 2003 or before. No .xlsx is available in the dropdown and VBA code to do it produces an error.

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