Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Magnify Cells In Microsoft Excel 2003

In Microsoft Excel we often come across instances where we will not be able to see the numbers or text in the cells. In such cases we may need to increase the size of the selected cells by magnifying the cells without actually increasing the size.

Steps to Magnify the Cells in Excel 2003: 

1) Select the text you want to magnify. 

2) Click on the following option on the top of the toolbars where we see 100% and a dropdown arrow beside it. 

Select the option Selection to get the selected cells magnified. Choose other options to magnify the cells upto a size that we can see. 

Here we can see that the selected cells are magnified and are being displayed. This is a very simple and useful tool to see the data on the spreadsheet without increasing the size of it.


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