Saturday, April 9, 2011

Customize Textbox

Text box is used to type text on a document, presentation or in an Excel Spreadsheet. This is very useful in putting text in any part of document page.

To Customize Text Box:

Customizing text box involves making the text in it appear without any background, or applying borders to it, or putting text on a pic with borders or putting a Text box in an object and many more things can be done with it.
what ever may be the text in it and where ever can be the text box we can format it the way we want to see the text in it. 

To Format a Text box:

1) Insert Text Box on a page and Click Format menu to see the Text Box option highlighted.
2) Double click on the round edge of the box to get the format text box dialog box.

We get Format text Box dialog box when we click on the round edge of the box. 

It has four options as Tabs:

Colors and Lines: This will enable us to make the Textbox look colorful or transparent, apply border line color for it and also to insert arrows to it. 

Size: It helps us to change the size of the text box by changing the height and width.

Layout: It helps us in making the text roll over; the Picture wrapping style and its position on the text on the document.

Picture: This will be accessible if we have picture in the text box.

Text Box: This will help us in changing the margins of the textbox. 

Web: This tab will show us the alternative text being displayed on the web browsers when we pictures are missing.


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