Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Always Use Plain Text for Pasted Text

Microsoft Word will keep the formatting of text and other content you paste into a document, including links, colors, size, font, and all other formatting.  This will mess up other formatting in the document. so we have an option to get the just text filtering all the formatting.

Steps to filter formatting of the Pasted text in a Word Document: 

We can do it in two ways- 

1) Click on the small paste icon below the pasted content and click on Set Default Paste

Secondly we can do it as follows- 

2) Click on File menu to go to Back Stage View and Click on Options.

3) Select the Advanced tab, then scroll down to the Cut, copy, and paste settings section on the right.

4) We have many options for pasting in a document. Click on drop down for pasting from other programs and select Keep Text only

Click on OK after that. Then we will get the pasted text without any formatting.


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