Friday, April 8, 2011

While Selecting Text Word 2007 Scrolls Fast

While selecting text in Microsoft Word 2007, When we drag to the edge of the document window, it scrolls through the document so quickly that it is difficult to release the mouse button exactly where we want. It is not a issue with it but it is a feature of that. Actually Word helps us in scrolling down the page but we need to control the speed.


When you drag to the edge of the document window while you select text, Office Word 2007 scrolls through the document for you in that direction.


You can solve this problem and precisely control the scrolling and selection behavior in Word by using the mouse in combination with the keyboard.

Select Text By Using The Mouse And The Keyboard:

  • Click where you want to begin the selection.
  • Using the scroll bars, click the scroll arrows or drag the scroll boxes until you see the place where you want to end the selection.
  • Hold down the SHIFT key while you click where you want to end the selection.


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