Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Line Spacing In Microsoft Word 2003

When we are writing text in documents we may need to check the line spacing sometimes. The space between one line and other will vary depending on different parameters, the text we copy may change the line spacing on the word document. Microsoft Office has given an option to change the line spacing.

Steps to change the Line Spacing: 

1) Right click on the paragraph you want to change the Line Spacing and click on Paragraph

2) We will get paragraph dialog box we need to click on Indents and Spacing Tab.

3) Under Spacing section click on the drop down, we will get many options

Single: Gives a single line space between two lines. 
1.5 Lines: Gives 1.5 line spacing between each lines. 
Atleast: Highlights the option to choose the number of points by which the line spacing should be there atleast.
Exactly:  It also gives an option to select the exact number of points for line spacing. 
Multiple: This Gives an option to choose the line spacing.


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