Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Display Documents Faster In Word 2007

When we open Microsoft Word documents, sometimes it will take a lot time to load if it have large images in it. Here we will look at how to display the document text quickly, then get the images to display later. 

Steps to set up Image Place Holders:

1) Click on the Office Button on the top and click on Word Options. 

2) Click on Advanced and scroll down to Show document content. Check mark on the option  “Show picture placeholders” and click on OK. 

3) When we open Word document we will see a placeholder where the image would be.  This allows the documents to be opened and scrolled through much faster than the document with images. 

4) To see the images again click on View tab then select Full Screen Reading.  This will enable the images and allow you to keep the original Placeholders.


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