Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Write a Query In Microsoft Access 2003

Query is a request made in RDBMS programs to get certain amount of requested data from enormous amount of data. A query in general means a question. In Microsoft Access we shall learn how to write a new query in Microsoft Office 2003 Version.

Steps to create a New Query:

1) Click on File Menu And New to get the New File Pane on the right side.

2) Click on Blank Database and it will ass us to name the database

3) Then we will get a dialog box where we will get options to select the type of file we want to insert whether it is query, table, Form, Report, Pages etc. Select Queries in the list and click on Create query using wizard.

Then it will open the Query Wizard to enter the fields that have been in tables that were created before. If there is no table or form existing in the Access, it will not be able to create a Query.

4) Click on Next it will ask a name for the Query and Clicking on Finish will open a new Query with the chosen fields. 


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